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17 Aug 2032 23:08pm, 54kb of 640kb free, 7 of 81 nodes operational, 3 users online

Announcement from admin: last positive estimate leaves us with a mere 3 million people about and counting down. Infected rain has covered almost 98% of all landmass. My estimated time until extinction: 4 years. Place your bets with god but don't trust on him to cash for the winner.

You are currently logging from an UNSAFE location. All traffic should be considered compromised.

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1 The 10 year roundup for underground dwellers

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Sentry 6 stream
Bulletin Board
PF Droid Status
Controller Bat% Ammo% Temp OK? Cam
PF Sentry 1 12% 0% 40c V view
PF Sentry 2 0% 0% 99c X view
PF Sentry 3 2% 100% -12c X view
PF Sentry 4 100% 0% 21c ? view
PF Sentry 5 4% 44% -10c X view
PF Sentry 6 1% 12% -99c X AUDIO
Sentry 6 is sending audio
myX, myY 81.681
Temp C -12c
Wind 7 SW
Hum% 95%
TOR scale RED5(LD!)